How to blow-dry your hair

Happy sunday everyone!

Hope you all have had an amazing weekend.
I did this bow-dry at my salon today and thought I would show you how to blow-dry your own hair step by step.
Before you start you will need this:
-Hair clips
-Round brush
-Volume mousse
-Heat protecting spray


How to blow-dry 

1. Wash your hair and towel dry it. I would recommend that you use a volumising shampoo.

2. Apply heat protecting spray/cream then apply your mousse from roots to end, brush it through.


3. rough dry the hair until its 70% dry.

4. Start blowdrying at the top/roots about 10cm away from the scalp.

Roll with your fingers and pin each sections in place as you go (you can use hair rollers if thats easier)to keep the curls and volume.

Move the blowdryer around to avoid focusing on one area for too long. 

5. Finish of with a blast with cold air since this will help to lock in shine.

6. Remove the hair clips, back comb the hair from the roots section by section for maximum volume and long last.

7. Gently brush the hair and shake it a little bit with your hands then finish off with some hairspray. (Dont spray too close) BAM your new amazing hair is done. 

Hope you liked it.

Love from Nxx

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