Glitter Roots!

Happy sunday beautiful people.

Todays blogpost is about my big obsession at the moment, which is GLITTER roots I absolutely love it.


I know that you are supposed to look scary for Halloween but I'm going to do glitter roots anyway…

Another trend that is going to be very big is coloured roots in strong colours and blond ends which i wasn't sure about at first but starts to like more and more, what du you think? like or not like?

Today I'm going to Salon international, I have been trying to go there every year. Its in a big warehouse where they have different hair shows,  lots of tools for hairdressers to buy and demonstration of how to use different tools and products.
I always get a lot of inspiration from there.

This time glitter for my roots is at the top of my list and maybe a new scissor, woop!

When I get my glitter, I will try to post a video to demonstrate how to put it on.

I wish you all an amazing Sunday.

Dont forget to follow me on my instagram @nadiajonning. Will post some pictures from today.

Lots of love Nx

Nadia JönningComment